Conversational Italian Lessons Over Zoom with Rahel

I am going to take you on a learning journey. I will help you build your vocabulary, perfect your pronounciation, improve your ability to understand Italian and to respond promptly.  I will make it interesting, relevant and often topical.
My lessons are adapted to the needs of the individual, and you have an opportunity to let me know what is most important to you.

Salve a tutti

Hello Everyone

Il conto per favore

The bill please

Teaching approach

I use the four cornerstones of learning; 

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading

Speaking and Listening - In our Zoom classes we will be speaking about all types of things like situations (travel, food etc), family, news, articles and current affairs. I will teach you to ask questions and respond accordingly where I will correct pronounciations. 
Building Vocabulary
- We will use the chat facility in Zoom to write frequent expressions, phrases, nouns and verbs.
Start Reading - I will advise on easy reader books, graded A/B/C/D from easy to more complex phrases.

Buon Apetito

Enjoy your meal



Learn faster

I love the etymology of words, so I'll help you remember phrases and words by telling you stories about them which will also help you to understand their roots.

Monthly Zoom Lesson Prices with Rahel for beginners

Longer term

Only£80per month*
  • 1 hour lesson per week
  • For gradual and constant learning to speak Italian over time.
  • * Equivalent to £20 per lesson


Only£150per month*
  • 2 x 1 hour lessons per week
  • Increase the speed of learning to speak Italian with multiple lessons per week.
  • * Equivalent to £18.75 per lesson

For each session I will be giving you homework!
There is no magic wand that will allow you to speak Italian straight away. It will take determination and dedication from you and from me.
But I will make sure you keep on track.

Prices are different for advanced Italian lessons (£30/hour) and group lessons (£13 per person/per hour). Please get in touch with me to discuss if you are interested

Learn Italian

Take lessons over Zoom with a fun and knowledgeable tutor.
If you are unsure how to proceed, why not get in touch and we will have a free 30 minute session

Terms and conditions


Payment can be made by BACS every four lessons in advance or, students can opt for monthly payment for ongoing sessions. For monthly payments students will be able to receive four classes free per year due to 5 week months.

Quanto costa?

How much?

Vuoi della pasta?

Do you want some pasta?


It would be much appreciated if the students give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a particular lesson. Students can arrange catch up sessions in event their lessons are cancelled with the above due warning. A charge will be imposed at the full lesson rate if classes are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.
You can cancel at any time but no refunds will be provided.

Advanced and Group Lessons

Prices are different for advanced Italian lessons (£30/hour) and group lessons (£13 per person/per hour). Please get in touch with me to discuss if you are interested

Quella ragazza non ti ama!

That girl doesnt love you!

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